Monday, November 21, 2011


So Elliott quit his job and has had a few interviews. Hopefully
by the time everyone gets this he will have another job. So he has been taking it easy and “recuperating”.
I’m trying to stay afloat in the house work. It is never ending and never clean. Got to
see the Twilgiht marathon with Whitney and we had a blast. Trying to sell
Pampered Chef, but its not going so well.
My best customers have almost everything now. Thanks Mom and Lindsey.
Cole is in preschool and loving it and doing so well. He is
getting excited to start Kindergarden next year.
Izzie finally is potty trained.
Its been 2 days that she hasn’t had any poop accidents. Only takes a pacifier at night now. She loves to sing and dance lately, its so
Brooke is 7 months now, has 2 teeth. She is rolling all over the place, sitting
up, and now getting on all fours. She
will be crawling soon. Finally sleeps all night. We have her in our closet still since Izzie
still wakes up screaming. That’s it for
us. Cant wait for the holidays. I just loving being around yall! See you soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stay'n Alive

Poor Brooke!
I think Izzie is trying to get rid of her baby sister.
For the past couple weeks I have found Izzie being to rough with Brooke.
2 Sundays ago Cole and Izzie had a bath and were still in there towels. Brooke was laying on the floor in my room. When I got out of the shower I saw Izzie over Brooke. Brooke wasn't making a sound and I couldn't see her because Izzie's towel was covering both of them. I pulled Izzie off of Brooke and she was blue. Scared me to death. I guess Izzie was sitting on her chest to where she couldnt breath.
A couple days later she was giving her a kiss and was to hard and bit her. It was very deep.
Wednesday she put a plastic coin in her mouth and she was gagging on it.
Thursday Izzie was playing in dirt and decided to put some dirt on her baby sisters head.
Friday she put a balloon in her mouth. I was doing dishes and luckily looked up in time.
At the lake yesterday with Lindsey and the Fousts, Brooke was laying on blankets under an umbrella and through sand on her. Poor girl, just trying to stay alive.
I guess Izzie thinks since she isn't the smallest now, she can pick on Brooke.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Izzie has been wonderful these last couple days. She has been so helpful when I ask. She is even been potty training herself. Yesterday after nap she woke up and wanted her diaper off and went potty. She went all by herself and didn't want her diaper back on. So after awhile I put underwear on her and she stayed dry the rest of the night. When she needed to pee she just went all by herself, didn't say a word. Today she went poop all by herself too. Although I had to wipe her, she is doing wonderfully.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Addition

Brooke Celine Garland
April 19, 2011 at 12:23 pm
7 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches long

I had been waiting to go into labor any day. At week 38 I was 3 cm dilated. At the end of week 39 Dr Reyes stretch my membranes to see if anything would happen and nothing did so we scheduled an induction on the exact date of my 40 weeks. He was worried she would be big since I had gestational diabetes. I was cramping a lot after he stretch my membranes so I thought I would go into labor that day. But Tuesday the 19th came and we checked into the hospital at 6am and they got us situated in a room. I got prepped with IVs and monitored the baby's heart. By 9 the doctor came in and broke my water and we waited to see if anything would happen and it didn't. So at 10:30 they gave me pitocin and waited again. Contractions started and they started hard and fast. I remembered how hard they were with Cole and told them to get me an epidural. 11:30 I got the epidural and felt so much better. Contractions were so close together by 12 I was at a 10 and Dr Reyes came. I pushed 3 times and she came out. The cord was around her neck, but she was fine. Elliott filmed her coming out for me. Its such a miracle. It took her awhile to warm up, so she was under some heating light. We didn't have a name when she came out, but by day 2 Elliott came up with Brooke and Coren mentioned Celine since that's my favorite singer. So here she is. She has been a great baby and the kids just adore her. Izzie is always saying, "Hold it, Brooke" and "kisses". Its so cute!
For those who have weak stomachs don't look at this next picture:
On March 24th we decided to go to the park with Natasha and Giovanny. I was going to walk but Natasha said lets drive. So we played at the park by our house for a little while. Cole was playing with some older boys and after a few mins we heard him screaming and saw him running towards us. Since I was so pregnant I couldn't move very fast, so Natasha went after him and yelled, "He's bleeding." When I got to him I could see the gash was very deep. I said we have to go to the ER now. So I grabbed a wipe from Natasha's bag and put it over his head and we packed the kids up in the car drove by my house to get my purse and drove to the hospital. I tried to call Elliott 4 times and he finally called me back and said, " This better be an emergency" and I said it was to meet us at the hospital. He was having a check up from his nose. We waited in the ER about an hour before they first saw us. Then another hour for check in. Then another hour till the doctor saw us. Natasha took Izzie and Giovanny to our house while we were getting stitches. They put some numbing gel in his cut then about 30 mins later came and stitched his head. He was freaking out, screaming and crying. He got 4 stitches and his first tetanus shot. My wonderful parents showed up and Cole was so glad to see them. Needless to say Cole got ice cream at 9 o'clock when we got home. All this from chasing after some older boys, tripping and falling on the balance beam.
On March 3rd Elliott had surgery on his nose and tonsils. He had been waking up every morning with migraines because he wasn't able to breath very well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Girls room

My mom and sisters gave me such a sweet gift and are redoing the kids rooms. Cole has his own room now and is sleeping in his grandpa Tim's old bed. And the girls will share a room. Izzie has started to sleep in the toddler bed and has no problems at all. I'm amazed that she doesn't cry or get out. Luckily she doesn't know how to open the door yet. Here is the before picture: And after:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Baby

When we got the sonogram the nurse thought she already looked cute and I can see she already has chubby cheeks.
I'm 29 weeks here.

It was a nice day out and I made us smoothies. Kids love pretending they are asleep.

I have been craving homemade ice cream for awhile and since it has raw eggs I cant eat it. But when we tried snow cream, YUMMY. It tastes just like homemade ice cream. Thanks Codi!

We tried to play outside when it snowed last week, but the kids were just too cold.
Yesterday was a crazy day! On the way to take Cole to preschool we ran out of gas. Of course on one of the coldest days we have ever had. But the police came and tried to help. I told her my friend was going to get gas for me and should be back in a little bit. She said she could either try and push me out of the way since we were blocking traffic right after an icy bridge, or she would have to call a tow truck that I would have to pay for. So I said just push me. She then told me they are not liable for any damage to my car. So she pushed me and a light was coming up that I had to turn at and she was pushing really fast. I tried to turn and it was icy when I was turning. I thought we were going to flip over. It was so scary. We were finally out of the way and I got some gas from my friend. Then Cole went to preschool and Izzie and I went grocery shopping. After nap we went to meet Elliott at the doctor to get a consult to have surgery on his nose. Then we took flowers and visited Big Mom at the hospital since she is having surgery on her ankle. After we went to visit Big Dad at the Rehab center. They both seem to be going down hill fast. While I was getting the kids out of the car to see him, the car was in park and was turned off and it all of a sudden started sliding forward. I jumped in the car to make sure it was in park and threw on the E brake. Scared me to death, luckily Cole was out of the way and Izzie was in her seat. After the visit it was to slick for me to back up out of the parking spot so Elliott came to help. We had dinner at On The Border. What a crazy day!
Conversations with Cole:
Cole: "Mom, I changed my attitude"
Me: "How did you change your attitude?"
Cole: while pointing to his head, "I thought really hard, and changed my attitude."
Yesterday Izzie was really upset and getting spankings and Cole said,
"Mom, dont give Izzie anymore spankings." "Its ok Izzie. Calm down. Take a deep breath."
He can be such a sweet brother sometimes.
End of journal entry!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Times

While my siblings where here, us girls made Christmas candy that was delicious! Played games, a lot. I love Christmas time because we spend a lot of time with all of our family and play tons of games with my family. We had a great Christmas, just wish it wouldnt end so soon. E surprised me with Utah State clothes. New Years's Eve our family and Lindsey went to stay at the Holly Lake condo. We shot fireworks at some random land close to my parents new land. We stayed up till 1 playing games and snacking. In the morning we met up with my parents, Brycen, and the Rod's to look at the new land and had BBQ in town.

I am on medicaid now so we got an ultrasound as a family. The nurse told Elliott what the sex was while Izzie and I checked out. Elliott told my mom and she told my dad. About a week later mom and dad came to watch the kids and he looked at the ultrasound and asked, "Are they 100% sure its a girl?" So he blew the secret and I found out. We are excited to have another girl. They put the due date at April 23rd. I'm hoping she will hold out till May.