Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stay'n Alive

Poor Brooke!
I think Izzie is trying to get rid of her baby sister.
For the past couple weeks I have found Izzie being to rough with Brooke.
2 Sundays ago Cole and Izzie had a bath and were still in there towels. Brooke was laying on the floor in my room. When I got out of the shower I saw Izzie over Brooke. Brooke wasn't making a sound and I couldn't see her because Izzie's towel was covering both of them. I pulled Izzie off of Brooke and she was blue. Scared me to death. I guess Izzie was sitting on her chest to where she couldnt breath.
A couple days later she was giving her a kiss and was to hard and bit her. It was very deep.
Wednesday she put a plastic coin in her mouth and she was gagging on it.
Thursday Izzie was playing in dirt and decided to put some dirt on her baby sisters head.
Friday she put a balloon in her mouth. I was doing dishes and luckily looked up in time.
At the lake yesterday with Lindsey and the Fousts, Brooke was laying on blankets under an umbrella and through sand on her. Poor girl, just trying to stay alive.
I guess Izzie thinks since she isn't the smallest now, she can pick on Brooke.