Sunday, August 19, 2012

 Since last summer… Everyone is growing up.  Cole:  finished his 2nd year of preschool. I hope he is ready for kindergarten! He had a hole in his bottom back tooth that had to be pulled out in January and they ended up capping 7 more teeth.  We had to go to the hospital since he is so young, so they could put him under.  It was very amusing seeing him on the “silly juice”. So he has a mouth full of silver already! Isabel: follows a lot of what Cole does.  They fight a lot, but then play well together also.  Izzie is still very loud. Very drama queen. But so much a princesses. She loves wearing dresses.  Brooke is walking all the time.  She has found her voice and screams all the time. She does sign “more”, “please”, and “eat”.  She loves giving kisses and hugs. Cant wait till she can talk.  We have a busy schedule this summer.  Have something to do everyday, so that is fun.  By the time yall get this, I hope we have the house up on the market.  Got title done in our entry way, replaced most of the carpet in the TV room.  Still have our bunnies.  The mom has died/disappeared, but the dad is still here and we have 6 babies left, plus our 2 chickens.  Who knows what we will do with them when we move. Elliott got a dirt bike and drives it to work a lot and hopefully we will have him a new car when yall get this too.  Its so stinking hot for him to drive to work. Us girls here ran the mud run and had so much fun! We are going to do it again in November!

Forgot to mention:
 Last summer the only trip we took was up to AR to see Kendell.  That was a horrible trip. Guess I should say a horrible drive and hotel.  Elliott was on call and with 3 kids we had to stop pretty often.  Elliott had to find internet in one little town on the way up there so it took us like an hour before we were on the road again.  Then the hotel was nasty.  There were 2 inch long ants, spiders, white trash people and a bloody fight.  Needless to say we won’t stay at a Red Roof again. And diarea kids pooping all over the bathroom. Gross! It was great to see the Becks and the new addition.  It was a great blessing.  Since it has been so hot we have been spending a lot of days at water parks and pools.  We got this awesome gazebo for our deck to cool us down and we have a window a/c unit in our tv room to help.

Elliott applied for Border Patrol. We went down to Houston Sept 13 for him to take the test. We stayed in the condo and the kids and I had fun, while Elliott studied.  We went swimming and tried to watch a movie at the theater there, we played games and had ice cream.  While he was taking the test we went to hang out with Jenny and her family.  It was fun and nice to see them. Elliott’s grandmother found out she had stage 4 stomach cancer and only had weeks to live.  Her memory was like Big Mom’s for about a year. As soon as they found this out, his family made funeral plans.