Sunday, February 19, 2012

growing up

Has it really been since November that I posted something?! Well the kids are growing up, and too fast. I feel sad that they are growing so fast because I cant baby them anymore. I love my babies. But Elliott said to be grateful that they are growing. Which is true. Cole is still in preschool and its going great. He is able to write all his alphabets, and is starting to understand the sounds. He loves to fight and wrestle with any older kid he can find. He had a hole in his tooth and we talked to a friend of ours who is a Pediatric Dentist and said he needs that taken care of. So we had to go to Children's and they had to put him under. Turns out he had 8 cavities and an absest on the tooth with the hole, so it had to be pulled. He did a great job at the hospital and recovered so fast. It always amazes me how quick little ones recover.

Miss Princess Isabel is just as pretty as they can get! She is just so girly! Loves her My Little Ponies her cousin, I mean Santa, gave her. She is totally potty trained! She is attached to my hip and wants me to hold her all the time.

Brooke is 10 months now and is crawling everywhere! She is walking around furniture. She is still the best baby. Goes right to sleep when I put her in bed. Doesn't cry and scream when she is hungry or poopy. She is so pleasant!

As for Elliott and I, we are starting to train for our Survival Run at the end of April.