Monday, March 23, 2009


I didn't think about bringing my camera to the fire station for playgroup so I took this picture from Laura's blog. Cole really enjoyed the fire station a couple of weeks ago, he was the only one who gave the scary fireman a five when he was in his suit and mask. It was a great experience, I even learned a lot. They sent each kid home with a fireman hat, coloring safety books and some candy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What an intresting week?!

I am 37 weeks now, so only 3 weeks left. It has gone by so fast. I'm still feeling great and she is still moving around. I'm starting to swell up, which I didn't with Cole, so its a yucky feeling.
Cole is already in love with his sister. I'm trying to get him used to having her around and calling her by her name. He has said Izzy a couple of times.

One of the great things about owning a home is that I get to garden. My neighbor came over to help. We had a huge mound of dirt in the backyard with a hole next to it where the old tenants were going to put an above ground pool, so I transfered the dirt over to cover the hole. Where the mound was I made a garden. So Ruth came over and helped me plant tomatoes to watermelon. So we will see how that goes. One time while I was moving the dirt around it was really muddy and Cole had to play in it.

So let me tell you about an eventful past week I have had. First of all last Thursday I had a Pampered Chef party and burnt my arm getting the cake out. Then Friday as I was cleaning I forgot the tub was wet, I climbed inside and my right foot totally slipped. Luckily I caught myself, bad thing was I had to lay down for the rest of the day because it felt like I pulled my groin. Then Sunday during sacrament Cole kept running to the front and one of the times as I went to get him, I ran to grab his shirt and my ankle gave out and totally fell. IN A SKIRT, IN FRONT OF A LOT OF PEOPLE! It was a hard fall, my ankle hurt really bad and I skinned up my leg. So I sat through the rest of church just bawling. Cole still went up to the front, but luckily this sweet sister grabbed him and let him sit with them for awhile. I'm so grateful for Sister Empey! Needless to say I went home after sacrament and iced my foot the whole day. It is still sore. Then Thursday my mom, Natasha, Cole, and I went up to Tulsa to visit Zach and his family. An hour away from Tulsa we switched drivers and I drove. It was raining and the roads were wet. I hit a slick spot and swerved, lost control, and we started to swerve to the median and I tried to control the wheel and put pressure on the brake. We ended up doing a 180 on the other side of the highway facing south, when we started driving north. It was extremely scary. Heavenly Father was truly watching over us. We were blessed no other cars were around on either side of the highway. When we stopped and got out of the way of traffic we said a prayer and made sure nothing was wrong with the tires because we thought we blew a tire, but didn't. But the rest of the day was great! We ate a wonderful lunch (which my mouth is watering just thinking about it), we went shopping and watched the boys play. My nephews are just so cute!