Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Saturday

So this Saturday we had a ward picnic and Cole had to play sports and in the water. He for sure is going to be a baseball player or basketball player.

Then we took the boat out with Elliott's parents and I just love little babies in bathing suits. Izzie looks so cute!

Cole rode with Elliott on the tube and he loved it.

Back in March I planted my garden and Bluebonnets in my yard. The Bluebonnets finally grew. They are my favorite flowers. I'm so excited. Even if it is only a few.
Last but not least, we weren't sure how we were going to take Izzie out since we didn't have a babysitter, we tried Cole's old life jacket on and it worked perfect. She loved floating in the bathtub, it was so funny. It you look closely she kicks herself off the wall.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm A Big Kid Now

I bought a training toilet a couple weeks ago and Cole has been trying it out. He wakes up and say, "Potty". So I take him and he sits for a little bit and nothing. But when he poops he tells me he has to "potty" but we never make it on time. I also bought him some Elmo underwear since he loves Elmo and he wore them for a little bit.
We are on week 2 of Cole sleeping in a toddler bed. The first night was a long one. Every night since then has gotten better. He has done some funny things while sleeping in his new bed. His second night he got up and for some reason opened up the door to the closet in the hall and was just crying. When I came down to get him, I couldn't see anything because the door was blocking my way. Another time he was taking a nap, started crying opened his door and then went to lay down and went right back to sleep.

We got all the grand kids together when Zach was down and this was the best picture I had.

Last weekend we went down to the farm and we had a great time. Elliott's co-worker Andrew and his wife came with us. They shot guns, went fishing, shot the potato launcher, and swam in the pond. The boys had a blast.

Cole was the last person on the bike before Zach wrecked it. (For story details check his blog) Cole already misses that bike.

I just love this picture of Isabel. She is a tough baby. Not sure what is wrong with her. I thought it was acid reflux, then I thought it was gas, so now I'm not so sure. She has been smiling for a couple weeks now.

After a sleepless night and playing all day in the sun, at the farm, Cole finally crashed while watching Elliott play a game. My laughing made the camera shake.