Sunday, April 22, 2007

Funny Video

You have to check out the funny video to the right. We were watching SNL last night and they were making fun of YouTube and mimicked this video. So we looked it up and just laughed so hard. Not sure if it is a kid or an adult. But there is nothing wrong with the video, the DJ presses stop and he stops dancing.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

And Growing...

Well I shouldn't put these horrible pictures up, but it is interesting to see how big I have gotten, especially in like 4 days!!! Am I suppose to be this big??

Monday, April 9, 2007

Still growing...

Everyone is wanting to see my growing belly so here is my latest picture. We see our new doctor tomorrow, being Tuesday.

more pics

Easter Weekend

Zach and Codi came down for Easter so we got to see them on Friday. I was working, so I brought Jade with us. Xander has gotten so big. He is such a cutie. I just wish they lived closer. We went to the Farm Friday night and Elliott worked on his potato launcher and just loved it. It was very fickle so it didn't work every time. But he got it going. We went out to dinner and had the best Mexican I have had in a long time. Our friend Chase came down too, so we all stayed indoors. Saturday we had breakfast and Elliott played some more with his launcher while I rested. His brothers and sisters came down and we all pitched out tents and just hung out for awhile around the fire. It was cold but not bad. We had a foil dinner that was delicious, and of course roasted marshmallows for smores. I had some old marshmallows so I put them all together and we roasted them and his brother Brian ate it. We went to bed and it was pretty cold, thank goodness Elliott is my heater. We slept pretty comfortably. And luckily when we got up to use the restroom behind our tent it wasn't to cold. Saturday we had a cookout for lunch and then the kids did the Easter Egg Hunt. It was a great weekend, but I sure missed my nice warm shower.