Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We finally found our home! We are in McKinney and loving it! After many repairs and kinks we are in. We moved in on Nov 22nd. With the wonderful help of our new ward we were able to get in. So please come visit, we are ready to show off our new home! We have even started staining our deck and Elliott built a work bench. Elliott has been so busy with the house on fixing things, I'm so thankful for a handy husband! Unfortunately he hasn't found a job yet and since AT&T cant install our TV and internet till Jan 14th its hard to get online!

And in other exciting news:

If you didn't know, we are expecting a baby girl in April! The nurse couldn't see any "boy parts" so she thinks its a girl. Cole is so ready for someone to play with. He already misses his grandpa!