Monday, November 8, 2010


We had an eventful Halloween weekend. First Friday night when Elliott was on his way home from work, Cole tripped over a pillow and smacked his eye on the table. It didn't sound to bad until he turned around with his hand over his eye and blood was gushing out. I called Elliott and told him to rush home, that Cole's eye might need stitches. Luckily it stopped bleeding pretty quick. It was deep and gave him a black eye. A week later it has healed pretty fast. Thank goodness we didn't get stitches.
Then Monday night we had out of town friends over for hamburgers and Cole was on a chair washing his hands in the kitchen sink and he lost his balance. He landed head first on the tile. He was screaming and crying for a couple hours. I gave him aspirin and put ice on his head. He was pale and was not himself. An hour later he threw up. He must of had a mild concussion. He is doing better now and back to his normal self.
For Halloween, Elliott's boss invited us to go Trick or Treating with them. So they had a few neighbors that went with us. Izzie found a cute friend real quick. We walked for about an hour and got some candy, then came back to their house for pizza and watch some of the Rangers game.

Our ward had Trunk or Treat Saturday. You cant see but I have the red slippers on. I was Dorothy, Cole was the lion and Izzie was the witch. I think there were 3 wards there because we came home with a ton of candy!
On a pregnancy note, I'm finally feeling better. For like a month I had huge headaches from 1-6pm and had no energy. The baby is making room now because I have a belly since 14 weeks.