Monday, November 30, 2009


I have left the kitchen a couple times and came back and Cole was feeding Izzie. Like here, she has a donut in her mouth.
After a year, I have finally finished our bathroom. To see the before picture you will have to go back a year in our blog. But Elliott fixed the leak and put sheet rock up and taped and bedded it. Then I had to take off the popcorn ceiling, tape and bed some more, sand, tape and bed, sand again, float the ceiling, then Natasha and I painted the whole bathroom white. Elliott replaced the faucet and the toilet lid and it looks wonderful! You should see it. I'm so proud of myself for learning and doing so much!

November 3rd: If you cant tell Cole needed stitches. He lost his balance and smacked his head on our fireplace. I didn't think it was that bad when he first did it. Then I looked at it and it was deep and bleeding. Luckily it wasn't on his face, so we just put liquid bandage on it. Now it looks fine.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have been extremely busy or extremely lazy on doing anything on the computer lately. So here is Halloween. Poor Elliott had to work right as we went out trick or treating, so he didn't get to come. We helped out our new, wonderful friends Miriam and Andrew move into their house all day so we just trick or treated around their neighborhood. Cole had a great time. He went into a few people's houses since this was he first time really trick or treating. He got a good stash, but didn't get to eat much since we has really sick.
And my camera is totally broken so I have to take pictures on my new phone or on our video camera. So one of these days I will add them too.
We had Thanksgiving this year at the Cline's and the food was the best food I have had with Elliott's family. It was sad not being with my family for this first time, so I hope they had a good Thanksgiving.