Friday, January 25, 2008

Own Business

I'm so excited. I have started my own business where I can help out a little with bills and such. I am doing Pampered Chef. I need lots of help. So if you or anyone you know wants to buy or host, let me know and if you dont know much about it, feel free to ask.

Xander and Cole

So the Beck girls decided to do The Biggest Loser for our New Year's Resolution. Not a good idea if you are breastfeeding. My milk supply went down. So I just decided to start Cole on cereal. He loved it. Not so much now. He prefers pears now.

Cousin Xander came to visit and they had fun together. He is letting us borrow the exersaucer.

So after reading Becca's blog about Tyler talking in his sleep, the next night Elliott did something funny. So I was trying to fall asleep and Elliott started snoring. So I nudged him and asked him to roll over. That usually helps him to stop snoring. So he said, "Do you want me to play dead too?" I thought he woke up, so I said, "What?" Then he said, "Do you want me to beg?" I asked, " What are you talking about? I just want you to roll over because you are snoring." He didn't move. So I nudged him again and told him to roll over, and he did. I asked him the next morning about it and he had no idea. He is even witty in his sleep.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well Christmas was very quite for us, my family went skiing in New Mexico. We would have gone but Elliott had to work. Elliott got me a bike and Cole a trailer for my bike. We have gone on several rides already, its so much fun.
Cole had a bath in his new bath tub, Uncle Zach gave him when he was born.

Thursday we went for his 4 month check-up, even though he is almost 5 months and he is 25 inches long and weights 14 lbs. He is in the 25 percentile.