Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doctors visits

Cole had his first dentist appointment and was so ready and did great. Except the stupid lady didn't do anything but look. Is that normal? They don't clean teeth anymore? Elliott or I didn't get our teeth cleaned either and we were/are mad about that. So we are going to go to another dentist in a couple months.

I forgot to blog that we went to the cardiologist in January. The pediatrician found a murmur and the cardiologist said she has an opening that should have closed soon after she was born. She also has a valve that is smaller than it should be. The Doctor said she will be fine, they will monitor her every year. Didn't think they made little baby gowns. She is so cute!

My in-laws have sold the farm and we went out twice in a month for "one last time". We had a blast. We are going to miss it out there so much. Especially Cole, he will miss the potato launcher.