Monday, December 17, 2007

Hilarious Posts

Some of Zach's friends have such funny posts on their blogs, I just had to share because we laughed so hard.

This one is from the Franciscos:

Last night Ben and I went to the mall to look at stuff we can't afford. It was our date. I noticed that Clark was stinky when we had just arrived, and I had only brought my purse, not my diaper bag (like I ever remember to restock diapers anyway). So I decided to go to the bathroom, take off his diaper and just shake the goods down the toilet so he didn't have to sit in it at least. When I unstrapped the thing, I realized that it was too wet, mushy and smooshed-in to come out and just fall in the toilet. But I couldn't, in good conscience, strap it back on him!

So I came up with a plan that involved a lot of paper towels. While I was coming up with this plan, (which happened to coincide with trying to flush "the goods"), Clark peed on the floor. He also soaked his unsnapped onesie pretty good at the same time.

I took him to the counter to wipe him off with some wet paper towels (phase one of my plan) and I noticed that we were leaving puddles of non-clear liquid. I tried to wipe them up, but I certainly didn't sanitize the counter. (Please remember, this is in the J.C. Penney bathroom, and people are coming and going the whole time--I, on the other hand, am operating in some sort of timeless-bubble).

Then I got a wad of paper towels and headed back to the changing table (phase two). I had his makeshift diaper on and his wet onesie snapped over it when a nice girl approached us and asked "Do you need a diaper?" I must have looked relieved and embarrassed because she hurried out and grabbed me not only a diaper, but a pack of wipes. Bless her.

Clark thought the whole thing was a terrific game. Who doesn't like to be naked in public?

And this one is from the Clawson's:

It must take a very loving parent to happily accept the fact that Chris Farley has been reincarnated as your 3 year old little girl
ok so funny right. So i got this email from my mom and i thought it was so hilarious. i mean really it is chris farleys little girl all the way. Why is her face just so perfect. I can't help from laughing every time i look at her.

I had to share!!!!

And last weekend we went up to see Zach graduate and it snowed so we took a picture of Cole in his first snow. Congrats Zach! While we were up in OKC Lindsey was driving home from Orem and at 1:30am she hit some ice on the road and hit the guard rail then spun around twice and hit the other side of the road on it's guard rail. Luckily she is ok, a little sore, but we had to go pick her up from OKC to Santa Rosa, NM. So we drove straight like 20 hours. Cole did great. We had to leave the truck there since it wasn't drivable and my family is picking it up on their way back from skiing in NM.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Santa was at the ward party, we had to take a picture with him. Cole is so stressed with the holidays he has hit the bottle already. Sunday we had to take a Christmas picture since we were all dressed nice. Cole is wearing the first outfit we bought for him when we found out he was a boy.


We got our pictures back from our sealing. We got sealed on November 10. It was so amazing. I felt the spirit so strong there. And when they brought Cole to us I just started crying even more. I felt our other children looking down on us with joy. I'm so thankful for the power of sealing that brings our famlies together, so we can be together forever.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Merry Christmas, early

Lindsey made this for us, so enjoy!

Coley Guacamole

Cole wanted to go to work with Elliott so he hid in his bag.
Us at the farm, just relaxing.
Just like his daddy with the TV remote in hand.
As we were preparing Thanksgiving lunch he chilled in his jumper.
Cole first rolled over 2 weeks ago. So exciting!

He loves standing up, so I put him up against the coach.