Friday, August 31, 2007

More Pictures

His onesie is so true! He tests me all the time and I always fall for it and have to hold him because he is just so darn cute! And he does sit and sleep in his vibrating chair all the time. He is getting blessed on Sunday so I hope we can find an outfit for him to wear.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tons of Pictures!

Well a lot has happened since we had Cole. I am taking tons of pictures of him, he is just so cute, I cant get over it. Guess every mother thinks their children are beautiful. Zach and Codi came to visit for Cole and Lindsey getting home. So we spent a lot of time at my parents. I am recovering very nicely. I'm ready to go workout and loose this baby weight so I can fit in my wedding dress on November 10th. Elliott finally got a job and started yesterday. He has been on vacation since the 6th. He will work for the Carlson who owns T.G.I. Friday's and other restaurants and will help fix their computer problems from his office. He is so excited! Lindsey brought us back Kamonos and Tokyo fans. I love the picture of Cole praying with his feet.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Timothy Cole

He is here! Well my mom and dad left for Tokyo on Sunday and what luck, my water broke Monday morning. I wasnt sure what was happening so I called my sister-in-law and she thought it was probably just discharge. But after 7 hours of leaking I called the doctor and they told me to come in. She checked me, I was only 2cm and my water had broke. She admitted me and started me on pitocin. I was doing fine till 11pm when I was still at a 2cm and she stretched my cervix. Holy Cow did that not only hurt, but I was gushing water. After that the pain just got worst. At 2:30 I couldnt take it any more. I got an epideral and just loved it. I was at a 10 at 5:45 and pushed till 7:57. He weights 7 lbs and is 19 inches. He had some fuild in his lungs, so they got most of it out. He and I are both doing good. Just trying to rest. We are so glad he is here, just wish my mom and dad where here.