Monday, November 21, 2011


So Elliott quit his job and has had a few interviews. Hopefully
by the time everyone gets this he will have another job. So he has been taking it easy and “recuperating”.
I’m trying to stay afloat in the house work. It is never ending and never clean. Got to
see the Twilgiht marathon with Whitney and we had a blast. Trying to sell
Pampered Chef, but its not going so well.
My best customers have almost everything now. Thanks Mom and Lindsey.
Cole is in preschool and loving it and doing so well. He is
getting excited to start Kindergarden next year.
Izzie finally is potty trained.
Its been 2 days that she hasn’t had any poop accidents. Only takes a pacifier at night now. She loves to sing and dance lately, its so
Brooke is 7 months now, has 2 teeth. She is rolling all over the place, sitting
up, and now getting on all fours. She
will be crawling soon. Finally sleeps all night. We have her in our closet still since Izzie
still wakes up screaming. That’s it for
us. Cant wait for the holidays. I just loving being around yall! See you soon!

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